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In business, across all industries the sole purpose of a workforce is to complete the tasks set out in order to meet the organistion’s core objectives. However with this workforce being made up of individuals, a vast amount of the operational time is spent dealing with personal problems, politics and labour issues. This directs the time away from achieving desired goals and will inevitably have consequences on an organisation’s bottom line.

Taking cognisance of the ever changing labour law’s in South Africa, labour is becoming ever more consuming on a company’s production time. Therefore it makes sound sense to partner with an experienced human resources outsourcing partner.

With over 30 years experience in workforce management Ubuntu is able to seamlessly integrate with your management to provide a complete outsourcing solution. Ubuntu will not only employ all the staff working on our clients premises but also manage the complete human resource function which includes the following:

  • Running the payroll for all outsourced staff including payment to statutory councils PAYE, UIF, SDL, WCA and 3rd pary payments
  • Administer and sign all employment contracts
  • Run all day to day discipline including the running of disciplinary enquiries.
  • Dealing with Union Interactions
  • Recruitment of all staff free of charge
  • Recruitment and downsizing of staff where required
  • Dealing with all CCMA matters including conciliations, arbitrations and conarbs.
  • Should you allow Ubuntu the opportunity to handle all matters from start to finish Ubuntu will take liability for all matters that end up in the CCMA or higher.

Ubuntu’s competencies are focused exclusively on all aspects of Human Resources, giving us the ability to provide the latest skills and knowledge to give the best service possible on-site and through other methods. As our services eliminate the tasks and functions created by having staff, our clients are now able to realize the highest level of production from their workforce.